The Enochian Tarot by Gerald&Betty Schueler LSRAHPM-AAOZAYF

Mon May 5 23:29:04 PDT 2008

The Enochian Tarot by Gerald&Betty Schueler Illustrated by Salli Ann Glassman 
60 LSRAHPM Mars of Water Senior)  When I struggle for The Unseen, knowing my 
still point, my fighting gets me through the stirred up storm to enlightenment 
like a lightning bolt.
20 KHR The Wheel)  Turning, turning, turning; ever spiraling outwards; from 
beginning to end; what I know should direct me to what I want.
35 AAPDOKE Venus of Fire Senior)  Walking on the grounds of purification, the 
power to know the gross and use the subtle confounds me; even though I live 
the purifying message.
67 AAOO Lower Sepherothic Cross Angels of Water)  In the presence of the 
created, I fly with what I reflect of the divine revelations. 
80 OAAA Higher Sepherothic Cross Angels of Earth)  Leading a team of 
spiritual beings up the high places of God; I lead them in prayer and we are 
surrounded by beings of Light in the crevice.
21 ASP The Reincarnating Ego)  Straight and narrow is the path to reform 
myself.  Steep and supported is the way to the radiance of high self esteem.
42 MYTO Ruling Angels of Fire)  When we leave our purification up to others 
or put it off till it is too late; the Nineteen Light Beings that do this are 
terrible, tearing us apart and burning what's left.
47 AAOZAYF Jupiter of Air Senior)  As a skilled manifestor of religion:  I 
swear to use my will according to my mind, dictated by the command of my spirit.

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