The Enochian Tarot by Gerald&Betty Schueler VTY-BATAYVAH

Sun May 4 15:20:05 PDT 2008

The Enochian Tarot by Gerald&Betty Schueler Illustrated by Salli Ann Glassman 
25 VTY Intuition)  Wrapped in myself, I face the approach of the night.  
Comforted by density, I hold back from the intuitive, because it seems stormy to 
me.  Although, when I let go it gives me flight.
43 AOGD Lesser Angels of Fire)  Distill me O God.  Warm me within my vessel.  
Let my soul go out to the places of Light; Where the Light Beings hold back 
the impurity of different degrees.
55 EXRYT Archangels of Air)  Forming unbroken chains of devotion, us devotees 
rejoice in what's holy and take what we've learned to others as enlightened 
68 NTTM Kerubic Angels of Water)  I love the three levels of created beings 
and I love the proper ways to think of their creator.  Though, I am still 
veiled from complete understanding, knowing it's divine manifestation fills me with 
69 HNTTM Archangels Of Water)  Circumambulating according to revelation, we 
by seven invoke and evoke that which attracts divine presence and love.
78 AHMLLKV Mercury of Earth Senior)  Allow me for a minute to toot my own 
horn; Following this nature friendly path, I found my panticle and look at the 
glorious growths that came from it.
45 BATAYVAH Sun of Air-Elemental King)  The spiritual atmosphere moves before 
me, for I hath secured my reputation.  I must now use and defend it with 
knowledge and wisdom.

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