Enochian Tarot by Betty&Gerald Schueler SLGAYOL-AYLA

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Enochian Tarot by Betty & Gerald Schueler Illustrated by Salli Ann Glassman 
63 SLGAYOL Venus of Water Senior)  When the smallest amount of awareness of 
spirit comes, this guidance clears the path of my spirit and love is made 
manifest through my body.
75 AKZYNOR Jupiter of Earth)  I increase my abilities in order for my further 
14 VTY The City Of Pyramids)  In my mind is a complex like a city, but these 
five fold symbols of spirit are mere semblances of something deeper.
85 MAOO Lesser Angels of Earth)  When seven work together as spiritual beings 
we can set up a flourishing and beneficial order for us all.
76 LZYNOPO Moon of Earth Senior)  Not confined to cycles of nature, I do take 
part.  I joyfully take part in the fruits of the ninth month & I spread the 
material and spiritual benefits wheresoever I go.
52 AYLA Higher Sepherothic Cross Angels)  My intellect goes thru cycles.  
When my fortune increases, I look forward to the achievement that this high level 
of advancement will be for me.  When I have it, I'll radiate to the world 
with all my lofty qualities.  When I slow down, I'll watch my steps so I don't 
fall too far & fast.  Finally, when I'm at my lowest, I will turn my back on the 
pull of the lower world, so I can rise again.  

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