Enochian Tarot by Betty&Gerald Schueler AANT-XRYT

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Enochian Tarot by Betty & Gerald Schueler Illustrated by Salli Ann Glassman 
84 AANT Ruling Angels of Earth)  Fourteen call me with a natural force.  
Fourteen rules through the deepest crevices.
56 PXAR Ruling Angels of Air)  To Know the ways of that which transcends me, 
I must dare to trust that which I don't yet understand.
71 XTMP Lesser Angels of Water)  Dual undines work together, cleansing 
themselves.  They are each other's world.
27 ZAA Solitude)  Blankly, like a statue; I stare into the lonely night.  
Young and old; strong and weak; I realize myself in the field of actions.
40 ZDAP Kerubic Angels of Fire)  Surrounded by angelic presence as I worship 
in sixteen directions, I purify by keeping my still point holding to the rope 
of God in even the most difficult of times.  I hold to The Book so tightly 
that I'm bound by it.
3 ZOM The Magus)  When I truly know myself, I know the 10 spheres of 
viewpoints about myself.  I take my knowledge from the void of the mind and my will 
protects this spirit.
36 ANODOYN Mercury of Fire)  What I know is right can be seen as harsh to 
those burning in their passions.
54 XRYT Kerubic Angels of Air)  It is worshiped with the powerful mind.  It 
is worshiped in the most lofty ways.  When It's worshiped it rejuvenates me and 
all who take part in these heavenly glories. 

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