The Enochian Tarot by Gerald&Betty Schueler ZYP-KBPR

Fri May 2 20:28:00 PDT 2008

The Enochian Tarot by Gerald&Betty Schueler Illustrated by Salli Ann Glassman 

8 ZYD The Holy Gaurdian Angel)  When I truly know myself, I know my protector 
has purified and enlightened me.
65 LYGDYSA Saturn of Water Senior)  I protect my livelihood as I approach the 
unknown.  I hold back what surfaces.
34 ALNKVOD Moon of Fire Senior)  Moving through a difficult change I hold on 
to what I learned and gained.
59 RAAGYOSL Sun of Water Elemental King)  Washing my soul clean, I am crowned 
by the spiritual nectar I gathered up.
39 NOOS Lower Sephirothic Angels of Fire)  We carefully tread the path of 
refinement together in a slow and careful matter.  It thereby restores us.
7 DEO Love)  Four, five, and six seize me in three places; the heat of this 
passion opens her and quenches the dryness of my soul.
33 ADAEOET Jupiter of Fire)  Marked by my effort, my creativity is made dense 
by what I consume.
50 AVTOTAR Mercury of Air)  Moved by what I know I will lead and protect in a 
careful manner.
70 AKOM Ruling Angels of Water)  In between, I am pulled down into easy and 
difficult of the dream of the nymphs that call to me.
83 KBPR Archangels of Earth)  The mighty forces of nature shoot things up and 
pull them down again.   Every high spot will be made low and every low spot 
will be made high.

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