Enochian Tarot by Betty&Gerald Schueler LYYANSA-YKZHYKAL

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Enochian Tarot by Betty & Gerald Schueler Illustrated by Salli Ann Glassman 
    I don't think it as much as inaccuracies as personal experiences or 
explainations by them.  Since I haven't wanted to get theor book on their 
experiences with the system, I don't know the difference. I think the Aethyr cards 
should keep the original meaning on their somewhere.  In an obvious way by 
illustrating Divine or Angelic names it invites others to meditate on the morphisms 
that you put on them, limiting them from the transcendence they are meant to 
represent.   I've found this deck easier to associate the appropriate words and 
meanings to then the Bill & Judi Genuw and Chic & S.Tabatha Cicero The Golden 
Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot which is also 86 cards.  I love the Tattva side of 
the cards but I've found the Enochian side especially difficult.  I think 
with Tarot cards it's best to form your own deck whatever system it may be.  That 
way the concepts won't be rendered too prosaically For example: 49 cards keys 
and calls, and 17 for the tablet these allowing somehow for the variations 
that occur in the manuscripts.  I mean up to four letters per square teach us 
79 LYYANSA Saturn of Earth Senior)  Using my knowledge of the unseen, I 
explore the heights of the world, putting treasure behind me.
30 TEX The Four Regions)  What side is my book on? How will I use so many 
different abilities? Will I work them together?
17 TAN Balance)  Balanced through the cycles, I still have mixes of Light and 
48 HTNORDA Moon of Air Senior)  Moved by change, I harvest the growth.
44 OTYM Demons Of Fire)  When I'm not ready for purification it is like unto 
a fire from my bottom to my head.
64 SOAYZNT Mercury of Water Senior) Becomming aware of the growth in my 
unconscious, I pick out organic and inorganic things I'll use.
82 YBPR Kerubic Angels Of Earth)  Worship in the lower world involves a 
physical effort that increases.
13 ZYP The Garden of Nemo)  Tending carefully to the field of activity, I 
watch over my actions carefully and firmly.
57 AKOA Lesser Angels of Air)  Using my whole brain, I stand amazed at the 
lofty contents of books and it enlightens me.
41 BZDAP Archangels of Fire)  For a cycle of purification habitations 
(bodies) are refined.
73 YKZHYKAL Sun of Earth Elemental King)  I illustrate what I think of the 
elemental world and breakout through the darkness that envelopes me.

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