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In their own words:

Ga: "I am ... the last of the spirit of life"
[Dee: They are the two last letters in the Line of the
Holy Ghost in the Third Table.]

Za: "I have power to scourge them that resist the
power, will and commandment of God"

Va: "I have power to gather up the blessings of God,
and to set them (if they be disdained) in a better

The Latin you gave is Dee's version of the same:

Ga – The last of the spirit of lives.
["Ultimus" has several meanings: first, last, greatest
and meanest; however, the Medieval sense is that of
lowest, last, etc.  "Vivorum" is probably after the
Hebrew idiom, as in RVCh ALHIM ChIIM.]

Za – Scourger of resistance to the power, will and
commandment of God.
[The Latin I have from Cotton Appdx. 46 is slightly
different from yours from TFR: "Flagellator
resistentium potentati, voluntati, praecepto Dei." 
"Resistentium" is genitive.]

Vaa – Transplanter of gifts.
[I don't know how you got "deliverer" -- I would
recommend getting a better dictionary, like Lewis &

93 93/93

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 --- aaron at wrote: 
> Greetings!
> I've got some more Latin from TFR here, if anyone 
> wants to take a look at it.  This is from late in
> the 
> journals, TFR p. 229, when Dee and Kelley meet 
> the Angels Ga, Za, and Vaa.
> Dee records the following Latin phrases in relation 
> to the Angels.  I'll give the translations we've
> come 
> up with, if any, and see what you guys think:
> Ga:  Ultimus Spiritus Vivorum
> (Is this "The Great Living Spirit"?)
> Za:  Flagellator resistentium ptestati, voluntati, 
> pracepto Dei.
> (I've got some word-for-word translations, but can't
> make a sentence out of it!)
> Vaa:  Transplantator Donorum
> (Is this "Deliverer of Gifts"??)
> Ejus officium est transplantatio Donorum Dei.
> (Is this: "It is my duty to deliver the Gifts of
> God"?)
> Thanks for any help!
> Aaron
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