Anamnesis of BABALON, and another talk with Her

Marid Audran failinggravity at
Fri Oct 31 10:47:57 EST 2003

Greetings Dean and all,

Last night I decided to try to communicate with BABALON again using the 
pentagram. I wanted to know more about BABALON, and Her nature. I also 
wanted to know more about the serpent of earth, TNZARINAG. To do so I used 
the pentagram of BABALON. I would ask Her and the serpent some questions. As 
always, these are marked with a >. My comments are marked between the 
brackets ( ).

The operation
This time I not only traced the pentagram starting in the lower left with 
TARO, but I also vibrated the name ABNLH while tracing it as a pentagram 
inside the larger pentagram. This yielded a brighter pentagram with three 
concentric circles of purple, red and yellow around the pentagram of ABNLH. 
I then gave the Sign of the Rending of the Veil and vibrated the name 
BABALON and stepped through.
As I stepped through, I found myself once again in that fiery place I see as 
the Realm of BABALON. She was standing there, dressed in a silver tunic or 
dress, wearing that crown which I had seen Her wear before. She made me give 
the sign of 1=10 and the LVX signs, which I did. She returned them.

>Please tell me about your pentagram.

“The Pentagram dissolves certain parts in you, releasing you of the shackles 
you so like upon yourself and your mind. Remember: Each name activates a 
part in your brain; the five-lettered name links you to your spiritual 
center, also known as your will. The five powers it represents are the core 
drives within you. You can play with it as you want, which will render more 
applications and more possibilities”.

>I would like to call forth the Serpent.

“Ah! The Beast which I ride. Go forth and act swiftly and silently”.

I call the Serpent TNZARINAG, tracing the spiral on the tablet of GNM 
thrice. It shoots forth from the tablet, which I visualized astrally before 
me. As it tands before me, I see it looks like the serpent in Crowley’and 
lady Frieda’s ATU XXII, The Universe. SHe wears a crown on its head. The 
serpent appears like a strong chthonic entity with remarkably intelligent 
eyes who look at me.

BABALON speaks:
“Blessed are the men on Earth, for they ever sacrifice unto me in my Cup. 
Yeah. But thrice blessed are the women on Earth who hold sacred within them 
the power of the Cup”.
(BABALON mentioned before that the earth and its inhabitants are one and the 
same. She seems to rejoice the fact that humankind keeps reproducing itself, 
therefore perpetuating Her existence. Some wiccans celebrate this, as well 
as some sex-magickal orders like the oTo. )

>Can I ask the serpent questions?

“Certainly”, BABALON answers.

So I ask the serpent:
>What are you?

“You should have guessed by now. I am the The of this wordspirit. I exist 
just to serve my lady BABALON. I am the quintessence of the Earth’s powers. 
That is why I wear a fourpointed crown”. (Meaning the ruling of the four 
elements on earth?)

>What are the Sons and the Daughters of the Snake?

“The Sons are the projectors of the elemental energies running through the 
earth, where the Daughters are the receivers. They are not fixed on earth, 
but can travel freely. Also, they can be called forth in my authority”.

>Can you grant my requests?

“Certainly, after my lady BABALON approves. But a sacrifice will be 

>What kind of sacrifice?

“You know which”.
(She implied a sexual sacrifice)

>Are you the Earth’s kundalini?

“That, and it’s Nephesh, and all it’s chakra. I’m the ultimate dragon”.

>I thank you for your answers.
I then ask BABALON:
>Can you tell me about the Neschamah?

“There is a part of me, accesible only to those who have forsaken all, the 
HAMIEN. (The knights of the Earth, the Lamed Vau, the illuminated ones).
This is Her portal. Be careful, young warrior, for some beings are not so 
benevolent as I”.

She then gives me the following names, arranged in two circles, PORPLONG, 
GORGOTHA, and ANL drawn around on eight points of two interlocked circles. 
PORPLONG is drawn on the left circle starting from the upperleft side and 
going deosil; GORGOTHA is drawn starting from the upperright side of the 
right circle and goes widdershins. ANL is drawn in the middle of the 
circles, A in the middle of the left circle, N in the vescicula piscis where 
the two circles cross, and L in the middle of the right circle.

BABALON says nothing, but She implies that to contact that part of earth 
which I have called Her Neschamah, one should trace the two circles, 
starting with PORPLONG, then with GORGOTHA. The vescicula piscis in the 
centre is the portal through which the HAMIEN can reach the innermost secret 
part of the earth. I saw the portal before me, but as I had neither vibrated 
the names and I wished not to enter it yet, I declined Her offer to pass 
through. I decided to stop there and then.

I thanked both BABALON and TNZARINAG, an bade them farewell.

I concluded that BABALON is the ruler of the earth’s subtle energies, not 
the worldspirit itself. I also get the feeling that She is also the 
spokesperson of the worldspirit. I dared not speak to the worldspirit. Why, 
I cannot tell. Maybe I’m not ready for it. TNZARINAG is the concentrated 
quintessence of these elements. TNZARINAG is under the direct control of 
BABALON, but can be asked anything if the authority of BABALON is called.
As for the three names of the ‘Neschamah’ of earth, I dare say nothing at 
the moment on the two eight-lettered names, but ANL looks clear enough: ANL 
by letter essences can be interpreted as A time, N interiority, and L unity. 
It seems fitting that N is in the middle, as it refers to the hidden, 
interior part of the earth. A and L could mean the aspects of the passage of 
time that earth is subject to, and the unity of humankind, the animal, 
mineral and plant realms that are all a part of earth.


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